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tv   [untitled]    October 29, 2012 3:00am-3:30am EDT

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betting on both you know true horse race wall street picks up the bill as obama and romney burn through hundreds of millions of dollars probably to buy a friend in the future president. the never ending violence in syria sets more challenges for a special envoy lakhdar brahimi he's in moscow for talks after the holiday truce he proposes to immediately collapsed. and plans for a mega mosque in london see even some muslims in opposition they fear the real goal of the group behind the project is to incite radical ideas in the community.
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it's eleven am here in moscow this is r t coming to you live with me and he said now it's good to have you with us now though hurricane sandy is still only approaching the u.s. it's already wreaking havoc in the presidential race candidates have been forced to flee its path and abandon campaign events in the area but in the meantime we continue our special coverage on the most expensive election in u.s. history and. reports now on where all that money is pouring in from. as our tees up close u.s. alexion coverage continues this week we turn our attention to domestic issues concerning voters the u.s. president's top this storch we refer to him there is an exceptional nation a land of opportunity where one can work hard and over time climb the proverbial economic ladder but one year ago that myth was busted when occupy wall street.
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davis camped out here in zuccotti park igniting the nationwide grassroots movement protesting corporate greed wealth inequality and middle class today the fact is the us gap between rich and poor has never been wider and unprecedented amount of americans are sliding down the proverbial ladder while the top one percent earn an average annual income of twenty four million dollars not to bet on both horses running in the nation's biggest political race. it's the most expensive political playoff in u.s. history a competition for the country's most powerful position one of the things i suspect governor romney and i probably agree on is let's come back to something the president i agree on no matter who wins the two thousand and twelve election. america's ninety nine percent movement will be left with the one percent president
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regardless of who we vote for wall street wins i mean that's really one of the main messages is that when we're casting about we see that we have these corporations giving so much money to candidates and they can't be objective when it comes to the interests of the vast majority. of voters loving industries that ignited america's economic crisis real estate collapse job hemorrhage and foreclosure epidemic. is also on track to break campaign donation records for the two thousand and twelve presidential election each election cycle each four years that cost significantly more they did four years ago so running for president united states is now a half a billion dollar undertaking you need half a billion dollars to credibly run for the president of united states and you're going to raise that from large corporations and wealthy individuals in the case of mitt romney wealth attracts wealth the republican candidate has a reported net worth of two hundred million dollars and according to the center for responsive politics the top eight. financial contributors to romney's campaign are
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wall street banks with employees from goldman sachs bank of america and morgan stanley rounding out the top three. this is a by the moment changes come to america. in two thousand and eight for rock obama became the largest beneficiary of wall street backing in u.s. election history. receiving more than forty two million dollars from the finance insurance and real estate sectors it's hard to believe that smart rational guys and big companies with huge research departments and a real understanding of the society are going to give that much money and expect nothing in return so their donation is probably not a charity since becoming president obama's justice department hasn't prosecuted one person in connection to the two thousand and eight financial collapse on the other hand top executives from j.p. morgan chase citigroup and general electric were recruited to work in the white house while we have cemented into place is
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a system of legalized bribery public elected officials arnason corporate employees you know the flagrant sort of corruption of the ability of this small group of patients class of corporate oligarchy to write the laws write the legislation create a two tiered system this ultimately is going to implode according to a two thousand and twelve harris poll the majority of americans see wall street executives as dishonest and overpaid with an overwhelming amount of citizens in support of tougher regulation. and overhaul the occupy wall street movement began championing last year as millions of americans flooded the streets thank god. thousands facing brutal arrests three. to protest wall street greed economic inequality and corporate influence over u.s. politics there are big as election day draws near occupy. activists say both
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candidates have pander to their financial donors and successfully ignored the biggest american grassroots movement to be seen in decades we see little difference between the two parties they're both basically imperialist parties and i think that one thing that i can really do is expose how the democratic system as we have it right now is basically a sham the political system is so broken in so many ways that the reason that we continue to come out in the streets and raise you know ring the alarm bells around economic injustice and economic situation in our country is because you know people aren't doing their job millions of americans will soon be heading to the polls lacking support for either major candidate but voting against the one they liked least however with wall street successfully cementing strong ties to both presidential runners some may wonder if the winner of this election has already been declared hurry up or najar to be our. coverage of the u.s.
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presidential campaign will continue on there and online for you were exploring some of the most overlooked and outright ignored aspects of the race all the way up to election night will be exploring america's domestic policies and challenges in depth stay with r.t. ahead of the. water lies ahead for auction will the movement mobilize calls for a new america who stands for the going to nine percent who is election a close go. to the twenty ninth. four day ceasefire in the bloody syrian standoff officially runs out on monday this while state media points the finger at rival friendly terrorists groups accusing them of undermining the latest peace effort the truce was proposed by u.n. arab league envoy to syria lakhdar brahimi is currently in moscow for talks parties you corpus cannot is following his face at. all the main purpose of this visit is
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to hunt for some fresh ideas because as this national and why you're so right he has been trying to help resolve the crisis in syria for two months now and words very little progress has been made if any at all the so-called cease fire which was reached for the course of the feast of sacrifice holidays and to day and it didn't work since at least three blasts happened in different parts of syria including the largest one in denmark goes right on the first day of the cease fire at least five people were killed but the opposition claims it's much more than that to russia brought this issue up at the un security council but it couldn't agree on a condemning statement meanwhile the rebels keep on pointing the finger at the government saying it broke the cease fire wall damascus still claims that is battling well organized terrorists controlled from outside the country clearly there's still a long way before you need sort of agreement could be reached at the euro united nations so this is definitely a good time for some new ideas from mr brahimi he said to me to the russian foreign
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minister earlier on monday and of course bring you all the details of this meeting as it happens. u.s. based political analyst dr randy short says that elements inside syria are not the only ones responsible for the failure of the ceasefire. well it shows set to back use of these extremist groups has no control over them and since step being supported by the saudis to change states united states and its nato allies they want to be a scientist she destroyed it exhausts so and the rebel. so why should they on in the sea and if you just. do date. this months just romney you have these two giants like heads of state trying to see to do anything they can to destroy the government in syria so. it's not syria not on this. remember you can always go to r.c. dot com to find more stories pictures and analysis as well as catch up on anything
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you've missed on air here's a taste of what's lined up for you there right now french researchers turn to the ancient art of alchemy as gold prices soar saying they can turn water into the precious metal. and statewide identity theft a foreign hacker steals three point six million social security numbers in the u.s. state of south carolina affecting three out of four residents. out of the frying pan and into the fire a humanitarian crisis for the residents who fled the libyan town of bani walid is looming as they've now found themselves stranded in the desert they're running out of fuel and food while the siege of the former boston of the toppled regime continues the town has seen civilian deaths and devastation for weeks with the pro-government militia vowing to clear the area of gadhafi loyalist now reports also suggest that the attackers are backed by mercenaries from turkey turkey and qatar r.t.
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caught up with libya's red cross representative who says people there are afraid of further persecution. many do three people have been trying to get on something you really either using the room but many other have been using. and have been. through out. there nor were a road though because i didn't know if you were going more or for other reasons are . there your there are many worried. own thought about their how far they are trying. some of them are trying to. go could it be to go back a week you probably want to go back and pick your vote. we're talking about iran. they are worried about the future of their. ukraine's political landscape faces unpredictable changes or
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a phantom election system puts the fate of the country's new part of the right in the hands of independent candidates and a former champion boxer that and much more coming up today. looking at some talks you simply do not believe they come speak and goodness how they can run oh. it's an international sled dog race with those driving the dogs. coming from as far away as a strength in canada and the us i come to russia and everybody is so very friendly they welcomed me with open arms and the scenery is so beautiful it's very much like alaska and so i felt at home the first black dog was brought here from australia now this chance come to this remote russian village to take part in the race it's
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not surprising they love it this trail are amazing but even more amazing is the story of how racing first started here atoll it wasn't the top of sled grazing who set the trail ablaze but a nun and for orphans who brought their idea to life. five years ago mada press camera built a dock kennel in the village kids from the local open age came around to take care of the dogs and one day they state their life might seem extreme to some the boys wake up at six to feed the dogs before school in the evening they spend up to three hours training their full legged friends but smother her schedule also encourages her kids to become depth hands on the computer and internet the boys regularly updated their website and they're in touch with the busy mother twenty four seven on the phone itself but children are the most important thing my only interests not play any role anymore and regardless of whether parsky has huskies win the race or
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not she hopes the competition will take place in the village next year. but called these dogs and the children it really is not the winning but truly just the taking part that counts. as a hatch that the damn phone watches show every single day. and waiting for you to stumble. i saw a man with a video camera so i moved over and he followed me. here we realized they were following everyone from early in the morning.
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the only chance to get rid of him. is to reveal him. the devil operation on r g. here with r t live from the russian capital good to have you with us now in london and islam a group has intensified its bids to build europe's largest mosque in the eastern side of the city next to the olympic site jamaat is often described as a separatist sect and two of the seventh of july bombers are believed to have
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prayed in their places of worship are probably boyko found out if there's a ground for concern. four times bigger than some paul's cathedral a mega mosque that will fit ten thousand people and it could be coming to london's east end if it gets the go ahead it's built the river in center will be the same size as london's looming but as a power station it would also be the biggest place of worship in the u.k. of any religion but critics have slammed the proposal saying that it would create a muslim cancer in the forces that are still working to bring the largest mosque the u.k. has ever seen into reality revered architects planning consultants and glitzy p.r. teams all paid for by the organization behind the idea to mount a group that's causing significant concern they teach that if you want a good muslim you must separate all from non muslim is
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a huge amount of all that started over there is only to beat him out of all the islamic groups has created ghettos over in toronto you know in canada you go across the philippines and see what they've done the philippines you're right there around the world it's a huge group and wherever they go they create barriers they create hostility they create division they create separatism whether it's on a steaming name the riverine centers website claims there's a demand for a new muslim place of worship in culturally diverse east london not that they're happy to talk about it it's representatives refused to speak to us when we approached the preparers site home to their current mosque it does not want to integrate that is counter to david cameron's policy of multiculturalism the grounds on which search trying to set up here in britain and a big way paul and to the british they all turn to western but actually they're also anti worldly they're of the world but this is not just going to be
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a mosque this is going to be a center of training here. which to reach out to islam is muslims to harden up and made evil lies the islam of ordinary muslims in this country and i mean so many muslims don't want that british muslim campaigners told us the proposal should be blocked before it's too late the british government is walking a tightrope and the reason is this a lot of people oppose mosques. and due to summer folk and the british government doesn't want to be seen to be pandering to them rightly so however the problem here is that muslims themselves are opposing this mosque more on the grounds that they don't want to worship their god but on the grounds that women are allowed the local population of muslim population has no on the site and how the mosque itself is governed for some it's a misguided but widely held fear of offense which could see the center eventually
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get off the ground people are burying their heads in the sand and they're not they're not prepared to sift out the good from the bad and poor thing by worse it is i think that it will go through unless more people are prepared to look at it for what it actually is this is not anti muslim it's not anti monster. it is anti this. develop all the local authority would say to us as you can confer you have received the planning application as this is currently being put it would be inappropriate you can infer here at this stage in many ways if this went ahead if you like a tipping point. there be no stopping fundamentalist islam at this one goes up happens we all need to leave the country over the last one out please turn the lights off while the council ponders campaign as head of the religions say they
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hope the decision makers choose carefully just today let's set up shop in the british. ok t. east london. let's take a look now at what else is happening around the world the u.s. is bracing itself for what's predicted to be one of the most fearsome storms the country has ever seen hurricane sandy's stalking eastern coast threatening to menace the most populated corridor in the country mass evacuations have been ordered in new jersey thousands of flights have been grounded and new york authorities have sucked down the subway all that amid fears that sandy could merge with winter weather fronts and evolved into a so-called franken storm. at least ten people have become victims of a suicide attack at a catholic church in northern nigeria the blast also wounded more than one hundred when an explosives laden car rammed the building during sunday mass has sparked fears of reprisal attacks of the town as witnessed clashes between christians and
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muslims in the past no one claimed responsibility for the bombing islamist sect boko haram was rumored to have had plans to attack. but vote counting is underway after ukraine's parliamentary election exit poll so far so the ruling party is in the lead but opposition parties have more votes in total the final picture looks like it will swing on where a former boxing champion turned politician decides to put his party's weight election years have reports of the ruling party may have this election in terms of the number of votes they've gained they won in the first place according to most of the exit polls but the combined votes combined seats of the opposition parties may eventually bring them the majority in the new ukrainian parliament and this could in fact spell big trouble for president bush because the opposition has been saying all along that one of its first decisions should again a majority in the new parliament would be to impeach the ukrainian president the
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biggest intrigue which remains still is whether the party of the former heavyweight . boxing champion of the world. will be willing to join the opposition in the new coalition within the parliament because so far has been saying that he will not form the coalition with the ruling party but still he hasn't officially concerned that he will be willing to make a new alliance of parties within the parliament with the opposition parties the exit poll results are based only on the proportional seats on the parties which were voted for him during this election but things may change when they count the votes for independent candidates which were also running and they will make up in fact for the parliament clearly the main talk will take place after the official results of the central action commission come out and we are expecting it to happen somewhere in the next two or three days this will not happen on monday because there are about twenty million of votes to be counted so we are certainly waiting for all the figures and numbers to be updated from the central issue commission and
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we will bring all the latest details and all the latest results as we get them. time now to check in with katie at the business sas now i've mentioned hurricane sandy heading towards new york do you expect there to be any impact on the markets today we're hearing wall street will be shut down yeah exactly right that they have to sided to count so trading on the markets today so as you say new york will indeed be closed and that's waiting to protect workers travelling to work there were expected to be about sixty million people who would've been going to work on the trading floors today and as a result it means that trading will be paid throughout the global markets so that's what we're expecting today we're not expecting too much movement and this crackle with the currency is that is the euro dollar is doing as because it isn't a really flat rate it is one twenty nine eighteen just ask for the ruble that is still managing to lose out against the bonds get a car as you can see that in equities here in moscow as i say they are lacking
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international direction but as you can see. we are like a round hole for sit down for they are destined for the my sex around cool shower now more news about russia than russian telecoms group simple calm has decided to quit some of its emerging markets business says now financial times newspaper says the firm will sell a number of its mobile phone operators in africa and asia to focus on more mature markets such as russia and it's today both countries make up about seventy percent of the group's business. interesting stuff now the asian markets also they care isn't a close it did manage a modest guy just a full basis point to relate the hang seng is still going for it though there was some disappointment today months because of the government's decision to impose its first property tax targeting overseas buyers right we'll get over that because you
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go all tees up peter lavelle asking his guests whether economic hardships are fueling separatist aspirations in the view as they find out how much of a union it really is. do we speak your language with any form of the will or not to do. with these programs and documentaries and spanish what matters to you. that will turn it into angles to the story. here. troy or to spanish find out more visit actuality. dot com.
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what will change when america picks its president amid muslim rage walking the tightrope pushing china and russia as occupy anger spreads the two parties still dictate the will of their children the selection of clothes guys every monday to november fifth on artsy. wealthy british style. that's not on the tireless.
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market why not come to find out what's really happening to the global economy with max cause or for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into cars a report on our. evening news. to. see. you know how sometimes you see a story and it seems so silly you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize that everything
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you thought you knew you don't know i'm tom harpur welcome to the big picture. book and. to a. new company you can want to. hello and welcome to crossfire gang people about how much of a union is a growing separatist movements in europe challenge many conventional wisdoms about globalization the nature of state sovereignty and self-determination are we entering a new age of nationalism in europe and around the world and has the great recession created or merely revealed separatist aspirations. to cross-talk european separatist aspirations i'm joined by david torrance in
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london he is a writer journalist and broadcaster also in london we have robert oulds he is the director of the bruges group and in strasbourg we crossed a year ago charities and a cocky think he is a liberal member of the european parliament and head of the german helen make a business association in germany all right gentlemen crossed out rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime one day but if i go to you first. the nobel prize peace prize went to the european union but at the same time we have. citizens of spain citizens of the u.k. citizens of italy citizens of belgium that want to leave their mother state if we want to put it that way separatism i mean i thought this was all in the past it's the union now how do you explain the difference in new trends well well in in a sense there is no difference i mean separatist movements of exists or all these countries to some extent for a very long time in scotland in the u.k.'s case in scotland way back to the late nineteenth century and it's important to.


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